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YLI Machine Quilting Thread Variegated

YLI Machine Quilting Thread VariegatedYLI Variegated Machine Quilting Thread is a 40 weight 3-ply thread made from the finest long staple cotton found any where in the world. This mercerized variegated machine quilting thread is made expressly for the machine. Soft and smooth, with almost no fuzz or lint.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Red White Blue #V01 3000yd Cone $24.50
Cream To Brown #V02 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Mango #V04 3000yd Cone $24.50
White To Black #V05 3000yd Cone $24.50
Pastels #V10 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Earth #V13 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Festival #V14 3000yd Cone $24.50
Sand #V16 3000yd Cone $24.50
Seamist #V18 3000yd Cone $24.50
Harvest Variegated #V19 3000yd Cone $24.50
Plum #V20 3000yd Cone $24.50
Sunrise Variegated #V21 3000yd Cone $24.50
Sunset #V22 3000yd Cone $24.50
Foliage #V23 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Forest #V24 3000yd Cone $24.50
Royalty #V25 3000yd Cone $24.50
Maui Sunset #V73 3000yd Cone $24.50
Paris Boutique #V74 3000yd Cone $24.50
California Poppy #V75 3000yd Cone $24.50
Kyoto Garden #V76 3000yd Cone $24.50
Alaskan Twilight #V77 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Danube Blues #V80 3000yd Cone $24.50
Pyramids of Giza #V81 3000yd Cone $24.50
Caffee Romano #V83 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Amazon Rainforest #V84 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Nordic Fjord #V85 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
African Kente #V86 3000yd Cone $24.50
Napa Valley Wine #V90 3000yd Cone $24.50
Great Barrier Reef #V91 3000yd Cone $24.50
London Drizzle #V92 500yd Spool $8.75
3000yd Cone $24.50
Nanas Rose Garden #V99 500yd Spool $8.75
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