Collection: Cosmo Seasons Variegated #25 Weight 6 Strand Floss

Cosmo Seasons
  • COSMO 25 floss with beautiful gradation colors.
  • Seasons makes a complete color palette with solid COSMO 25 floss.
  • 3 styles with different types of gradation add a wider variety of expressions in your needlework.
    • Seasons 5000: Color changes evenly every 3 inches - Color-change with easy-to-use length is fun to pick for embroidery as well as non-stitching use.
    • Seasons 8000: Gentle color gradation - Colors change every 11 inches making it ideal for full-scale embroidery and large patterns.
    • Seasons 9000: Short and random color-pitches - Color-change with random pitches produces dynamic gradation in small motifs.

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