Collection: Embellish Flawless Polyester Thread

Embellish Flawless Thread

Embellish 60wt Polyester Thread (1000m a spool) is perfect for fine embroidery that requires precise stitching! 

Whether you are taking on small lettering and detailed motifs, or using delicate fabrics, this is the perfect thread for flawless creations!

We are clearing out RnK Micro Thread here. This is the same thread as Emebllish Flawless Thread -  the actual spools are a little smaller but the amount of thread, 1000m, is the same. These were discontinued a few years ago and are now on clearance. 

Right now everyone who buys 10 spools or more of RnK Micro Thread or Embellish Flawless Thread in any combination will receive 2 free micro thread design collections! 

These are the 2 design sets:

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