Collection: Floriani 40wt Polyester Embroidery Thread

Floriani Embroidery Thread

Floriani Polyester Embroidery Thread has evolved into one of the most beautiful and most durable choices for the majority of embroidery projects.

This 40wt thread is mostly color-fast, endures high speed stitching without breakage and is available in a huge variety of colors. This thread is ideal for baby clothing, towels and uniforms as it can be laundered repeatedly.

Floriani polyester embroidery thread can even withstand bleaching!

In addition to the standard 360 colors offered by Floriani we carry dozens of colors that were originally only available as parts of limited edition thread sets.


For those of you who keep track of your Floriani Inventory using Excel here is a file with the colors and names: Floriani 360 Colors Excel File

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