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WonderFil Thread

WonderFil Thread is known worldwide for its commitment to superior quality and customer service. WonderFil stands behind each and every item they produce and each product has been tested in a variety of sewing environments, commercial and home sew usage. Their thread lines are available in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes to suit the specific needs and requirements of WonderFil's customers.

Red Rock Threads carries the following Lines of WonderFil Thread:

Invisafil 100wt Polyester
Invisafil 100w 2 ply soft polyester thread can be ironed. Invisafil Thread's matte finish disappears into fabric and is non-abrasive. Invisafil thread is perfect for quilt stitch and top stitch, and eliminates problems inherited to nylon invisible thread.
  WonderFil Invisafil 100wt Polyester Thread

Konfetti 50wt Cotton Thread
WonderFil's newest Konfetti is a traditional favorite reborn. The long staple Egyptian cotton is double gassed and mercerized to perfection. These special processes along with its soft finish will help your quilting reach a new level!
  WonderFil Konfetti 50wt Cotton Thread

Tutti 50wt Variegated Cotton Thread
WonderFil Tutti Thread is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, embroidery, general sewing, and piecing.
  WonderFil Tutti 50wt Variegated Cotton Thread

Spagetti 12wt Cotton
Wonderfil Spagetti 12wt Cotton Quilting Thread is 3ply Egyptian cotton, double gassed and mercerized. Great for quilting, longarming, topstitching, decorative stitches on quilts, wall hangings, clothing and sashiko.
  WonderFil Spagetti

Fruitti 12wt Variegated Cotton Thread
WonderFil Fruitti Thread is great for quilting, long-arming, top-stitching, decorative stitches on quilts, wall hangings, clothing, and anywhere for that “in your face” look.
  WonderFil Fruitti 12wt Variegated Cotton Thread

Ahrora Glow-In-The-Dark Thread
Wonderfil Ahrora Glow In The Dark Thread is designed to glow brightly in the dark. Ahrora can be used on anything from art quilts to costumes to embroidery and is a fantastic way to add another dimension to any project.
  Wonderfil Ahrora Glow In The Dark Thread

Deco Bob Bobbin
80 weight 2-ply soft polyester thread is tone on tone to match fabric or top thread. High definition with even tension throughout.
  WonderFil Deco Bob Bobbin Thread

Master Quilter 3-Ply 40wt Polyester
is ideal for longarm, midarm, and domestic sewing machines and gives a perfect stitch quality even at high speeds.
  WonderFil Master Quilter 3-Ply 40wt Polyester Thread

Flash Reflective Polyester Thread
Wonderfil Flash Reflective Polyester Thread was designed to reflect strongly under bright lights, making it ideal for use in safety garments, clothing and accessories worn at night, and even cosplay costumes and items.
  Wonderfil Flash Reflective Polyester Thread

Razzle 8wt Rayon Thread
Wonderfil Razzle 8wt Rayon Thread is comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton. Razzle's natural bright lustre and silky feel make it a wonderful choice for crafts, crocheting, knitting, and accessories.
  Wonderfil Razzle 8wt Rayon Thread

Dazzle 8wt Rayon/Metallic Thread
Dazzle's 100% rayon and metallic mix carries a naturally bright luster with a silky finish, making it an excellent choice for crafts, crochet, knitting, and highlighting the details on dimensional stitches.
  Wonderfil Dazzle 8wt Rayon/Metallic Thread

SoftLoc Woolly Polyester Thread
Wonderfil SoftLoc Woolly Polyester Thread offers significantly better coverage, greater durability, and comes in a larger variety of colors than what is currently available on the market.
  Wonderfil Softloc Woolly Polyester Thread

Fabulux Variegated 3-Ply 40wt Polyester
3-Ply Variegted and Neon 40wt Polyester Thread carries an incredibly brilliant luster while feeling delightfully soft and supple to the touch.
  WonderFil Fabulux Variegated 3-Ply 40wt Polyester Thread

Haskins Rayon Thread
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