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Floriani LogoThese thread collections from Floriani can be an organized and inexpensive way to start or compliment your Floriani Polyester Thread assortment.
Floriani Thread Sets
Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Floriani Trending Colors Spring/Summer 2020 F-TCSS20 10 1100yd(1000m) Spools and 2 Design Sets $39.99
Floriani Holiday Thread Set with Designs FSP-HT21 30 1000m spools and Designs $99.99
Floriani Sketching Across America Thread Set FSP-SAA 30 1000m spools $99.99
Floriani 12wt Polyester All 30 Colors Thread Set FL12TS 30 400m Polyester Spools $129.99
Floriani 30 Spool Autumn Thread Refill Set FSP-30ATR 30 1000m Polyester Spools $119.99
Floriani 30 Spool Basic Thread Refill Set FSP-30BTR 30 1000m Polyester Spools $119.99
Floriani Seasonal Winter 30 Spool Thread Collection F30TS4A 30 1100yd(1000m) spools $119.99
Floriani Seasonal Summer 30 Spool Thread Collection F30TS2A 30 1100yd(1000m) spools $119.99
Floriani Spring Fever Set 25 1100yd(1000m) spools $99.99
Floriani 30 Shades of Pink Thread Set 30 1000m(1000yd) Spools and 30 Spool Box $169.99
Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set F100TS1-360 100 1000m spools $479.95
Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set F100TS2-360 100 1000m spools $479.95
Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set F100TS3-360 100 1000m spools $479.95
Floriani 60 Spool Thread Set F60T-360 60 1000m spools $299.95
Floriani 3 Spool 40wt Polyester Thread Set Chocolate Factory 3 1000m Spools $12.59