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Signature Cotton Wrapped Polyester Polycore Thread Articles 67 and 68

Signature Cotton Wrapped Polyester Polycore Thread Articles 67 and 68Signature Cotton Polyester Thread is made from cotton covered polyester and is a natural choice for those who require an extra strong thread for machine quilting, but prefer cotton thread to match their cotton fabrics. The polyester thread provides strength while the cotton thread covering offers the same soft feel as cotton fabric.

Signature Article Numbers: 67s(3000yd), 68S(6000yd).
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
White#001 3000yd $12.95
6000yd $21.95
Linen#004 3000yd $12.95
6000yd $21.95
Antique Satin#008 3000yd $12.95
Oyster Shell#026 3000yd $12.95
Black#070 3000yd $12.95
6000yd $21.95
Candlelight#080 3000yd $12.95
Chestnut#114 3000yd $12.95
Pumpkin#162 3000yd $12.95
Shell Pink#190 3000yd $12.95
Victorian Rose#198 3000yd $12.95
Chiffon#209 3000yd $12.95
Poppy Red#270 3000yd $12.95
Cranapple#278 3000yd $12.95
Begonia#297 3000yd $12.95
Hyacinth#326 3000yd $12.95
Purple Iris#327 3000yd $12.95
Navy#386 3000yd $12.95
Winter Frost#413 3000yd $12.95
Seascape#416 3000yd $12.95
Summer Sky#427 3000yd $12.95
Ocean Mist#509 3000yd $12.95
English Ivy#544 3000yd $12.95
Tartan Green#545 3000yd $12.95
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