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Mettler Thread stresses excellence in their production and quality control. Mettler's emphasis on quality allows Mettler Thread to meet and exceed the demands that their users place on their cotton and polyester threads.

Red Rock Threads carries the following Lines and Sizes of Mettler Thread:

Metrosene Polyester Thread
Whether on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles, linens, or even silk, Mettler Metrosene makes for smooth seams. And because Mettler has given Metrosene the ideal gliding properties, elaborate tension adjustments are finally a thing of the past. 100% Polyester.
  Mettler Metrosene Thread

Poly Sheen Polyester Thread
Mettler Poly Sheen Thread is the versatile polyester embroidery thread that meets the highest standards in artistic machine embroidery on any material. Poly Sheen Thread from Mettler Thread is also perfect for quilting. 50% stronger than Rayon, and perfect elongation means high stitch consistency is assured - you won't have to stop working because the thread breaks. Colorfast. 100% Polyester.
  Mettler Poly Sheen Thread

Seracor Serger Thread
Mettler Seracor Serger Thread, formerly called Metrocor Serger Thread, is an uncomplicated and reliable polyester serger thread that is predestined for classic work. A strong heart wound with fine fibers makes this a true all-rounder. Seracor is strong and resilient to resist breaking and produces even and regular seams on all types of fabric. It is shrink resistant. 50wt Polyester Thread.
  Mettler Seracor Serger Thread

Seralene 60wt Polyester Thread
Mettler Seralene is perfect for creating fine, almost invisible seams on light-weight fabrics. Seralene - the overlock thread with exceptional smooth characteristics, guarantees strong, virtually invisible seams. Thanks to its fine Qualities, Seralene can also be used as an underthread - plus it comes in a wide range of Colors. Seralene offers unrivalled and trouble-free sewability, even on the most sophisticated multi-function overlock machines.
  Mettler Seralene 60wt Polyester Thread

Poly Sheen Multi Polyester Thread
Available in 42 fashion-inspired ombre and variegated color combos, Mettler Poly Sheen Multi is ideal for multiple applications including quilting, decorative embroidery, and thread painting. 100% Polyester.
  Mettler Poly Sheen Multi Thread

Silk Finish Cotton Thread
Takes its name from its silky appearance, but it is not really silk - it's a premium quality, long staple mercerized cotton thread. Use for all purpose sewing, fashion, peicing, quilting, embroidery and more.
  Mettler Silk Finish 28wt Cotton Thread
  Mettler Silk Finish 40wt Cotton Thread
  Mettler Silk Finish 50wt Cotton Thread
  Mettler Silk Finish 60wt Cotton Thread

Silk Finish Multi Cotton Thread
Lively colors energize the spirit and turn the monotony of everyday life into a festival of visual delight. Mettler Silk-Finish Multi offers exactly this. Mettler Silk-Finish Multi also proves its strength in demanding applications. This high-quality, lint-free embroidery thread made of double mercerized, long-staple Egyptian cotton is extremely soft and very easy to work with, making it ideal for colorful motifs on both fine and moderate weight materials. This multi-color thread dazzles with its natural shine and harmonizes beautifully with many solid colors of Mettler Silk-Finish.
  Mettler Silk Finish Embroidery Thread

Metallic Thread
Mettler Metallic 40wt thread is ideal for hand or machine embroidery, and has a powerful and unique glow that will set your work apart from all others.
  Mettler Metallic Thread

Denim Doc Thread
Metrosene Denim Doc Cotton Covered Polyester Thread is the perfect thread for denim seams and for darning.
  Mettler Denim Doc Cotton Covered Polyester Thread

Poly Glow Thread
Mettler Poly Glow Thread is a phosphorescent, washable embroidery thread that stores UV and artificial light, making embroideries and seams glow in the dark.
  Mettler Denim Doc Cotton Covered Polyester Thread

Seraflex Elastic Thread
Highly elastic and versatile: with Mettler Seraflex sewing thread you are buying exactly the right thread for all stretch fabrics.
  Mettler Seraflex Elastic Polyester Thread

Mettler Thread Sets
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