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Gutermann Thread

Gutermann 15wt Top Stitch Silk Thread

Gutermann Top Stitch Silk Thread
Gutermann Top Stitch Silk Thread is our thickest silk thread. Useful for buttons, button holes, and decorative stitching.
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NameColor SizeCostQuantity
Fawn #0139 30m/33yd $3.95
Blue #0143 30m/33yd $3.95
Deep Blue Sea #0312 30m/33yd $3.95
Dark Blue #0315 30m/33yd $3.95
Navy #0339 30m/33yd $3.95
Burgundy #0368 30m/33yd $3.95
Maroon #0370 30m/33yd $3.95
Twilight #0387 30m/33yd $3.95
Frog #0402 30m/33yd $3.95
Cream #0414 30m/33yd $3.95
Dark Green #0472 30m/33yd $3.95
Mauve #0473 30m/33yd $3.95
Coffee #694 30m/33yd $3.95
Sand #0722 30m/33yd $3.95
Almost White #0802 30m/33yd $3.95
Grape #0810 30m/33yd $3.95
Army Grey #824 30m/33yd $3.95
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