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Gutermann Thread
Gutermann Thread is the best thread for all of your artistic creations that require thread. Gutermann Thread, which originated in Germany, has the right thread for quilting, embroidery, sewing, and more. Whether you sew by hand or machine, Gutermann Thread has the perfect thread for you.

Red Rock Threads carries the following Lines and Sizes of Gutermann Thread:

Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread
The right sewing thread for all materials and seams. Sew-All is exceptionally suited for stitching by sewing machine or by hand, regardless of the stich type. Sew-all Thread is designed to handle all demands.
  Gutermann Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread

Recycled Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread
is the better way to use discarded plastic rPet bottles and recycle them into something useful rather than putting them into landfills.
  Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread

Cotton Sewing Thread
A fine 50 weight cotton thread but strong with a silky finish for those who prefer to sew with cotton. Suitable for hand or machine sewing, Gutermann Cotton Thread is a 100% longstaple mercerized cotton sewing thread.
  Gutermann Cotton Sewing Thread

60wt Cotton Thread is ideal for free motion quilting, piecing, heirloom sewing and applique. This thread is great for bobbin fill, machine embroidery lace, quilt bindings, macro stippling, applique.
  Gutermann 60wt Cotton Thread

Silk Thread
Comes in many colors that will dazzle your eyes. Gutermann Silk is made of the highest quality 30 weight silk.
  Gutermann Silk Thread

Silk Top Stitch Thread
The thickest silk thread that we carry.
  Gutermann Silk Top Stitch Thread

Hand Quilting Thread
A 40 weight Natural Cotton Thread, strong, with a silk-like luster for those who prefer to sew with natural fibers. Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread is suitable for hand sewing and glazed to maked hand sewing easier. 100% Natural Mercerized Cotton.
  Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread

Machine Quilting Thread
A fine 50 weight 100% Cotton Thread but strong with a silky luster and is ideal for artists who prefer to sew with cotton. Gutermann Machine Quilting Thread is suitable for machine sewing, and perfect for long arm machine quilting.
  Gutermann Machine Quilting Thread

Extra Strong 12wt Polyester Thread
is a 100 percent polyester thread offers a high break point that is engineered to cope with highly stressed seams. Ideal for heavier fabrics: denim, leather, furniture, as well as for crafts. Can also be used for upholstery. Designed for machine or hand sewing.
  Gutermann Extra Strong 12wt Polyester Thread

Upholstery Thread
Perfect for upholstery, vinyl, heavyweight fabrics, and leather. 100% Spun Polyester Thread.
  Gutermann Upholstery Thread

Top Stitch Heavy Duty Thread
For ornamental stitches, backstitch seams, and decorative seams. A heavy duty poyester thread.
  Gutermann Top Stitch Heavy Duty Thread

Sparkle Metallic Thread
has a lurex effect for decorative stitching and machine embroidery, and can also be used in knitware. Can be used for either hand or machine sewing. 70% Polymide 30% Polyester.
  Gutermann Sparkle Metallic Thread

Elastic Thread
is 64% Polyester/36% Polyurethane. For Smocking and Shirring.
  Gutermann Elastic Thread

Premium Serger Thread
is the ideal thread for problem free and uniterrupted sewing on three and four thread overlock machines and standard sewing machines.
  Gutermann Premium Serger Thread

Jeans Thread
is intended to be used for denim. For hand and machine sewing.
  Gutermann Jeans Thread

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