EOTB Scroll & Fan Medallion 3 Quilt Pattern

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Scroll & Fan Medallion 3 Quilt Pattern
Eye Of The Beholder Quilt Designs

By Margaret Brewster Willingham

Reverse appliqué pattern – includes instructions for hand work only

This is my first design. I’d been dreaming about these designs and wondering how they would look as quilts for years, but was spurred to make this first one as a birthday present for my sister, Barbara, for use on her round table in a lovely, sunny round room overlooking her backyard.

From a time when people embraced the idea of beautiful functionality, these small quilts could make a beautiful wall-hanging, a table decoration or lovely pillows for your sofa or bed.


Finished dimensions: 30 in x 30 in

Materials required:

  • Background Fabric: 1 yd (or a piece 36 in square) of light fabric
  • Top Fabric: 1 yd (or a piece 36 in square) of medium or dark fabric, or 1 1/4 yd if using to bind the quilt
  • Backing Fabric: 1 yd (or a piece 36 in square)