EOTB Radiance Medallion Series 5 Quilt Pattern

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Radiance - Medallion Series 5 QUILT PATTERN
Eye Of The Beholder Quilt Designs

By Margaret Brewster Willingham

Radiating spirals mimic feathers, angel wings or leaves blowing on the wind

Reverse appliqué pattern – Hand & Machine directions as well as pillow directions

This is perfect as a wall-hanging or pillow for your home, with its grace adding to your comfort.


Finished dimensions: 26 in x 26 in

Materials required:

  • Background Fabric: 7/8 yard (or a piece 28 in square) of light fabric
  • Top Fabric: 7/8 yard (or a piece 28 in square) of medium or dark fabric, or 1 ¼ yds if using to bind the quilt
  • Backing Fabric: 7/8 yard square

    please note:

    for the hand version of this quilt, it is very important to use a light background material which will assist you in tracing the medallion pattern onto the fabric.

    instructions are also included in this pattern for assembling it by machine; for this version of the pattern, you can use dark or light materials for your background.