Embellish Fusible Underlay - Black

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Embellish Fusible Underlay is for use to strengthen and fortify fabrics before embroidery such as silk, charmeuse, rayon velvet, satin and other luxury fabrics that are prone to shredding or damage by constant needle penetration. Embellish Fusible Underlay creates a protective barrier without changing the drape or feel of the fabric. Use to add substance to sweater knit or cotton fabric when creating purses or home décor projects. Can also be used to cover scratch stitches on the inside of a garment.

Embellish Fusible Underlay is essential for controlling loosely woven fabrics or when working on difficult angles or bias cuts in garment construction, foundation piecing or quilting.

Embellish Fusible Underlay is not a stabilizer but a “prep” for better embroidery. Also available in a bold version for more strength.

To use Embellish Fusible Underlay: 

  1. Cut a piece of Embellish Fusible Underlay at least one inch larger than the embroidery design area. If prepping fabric for a quilt block it is recommended to use a piece as large as the block.
  2. Place the fusible side (textured side) of Embellish Fusible Underlay to the wrong side of the fabric and press using a low temp, dry iron (silk setting) **It is necessary to use a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and Embellish™ Fusible Underlay.
  3. Embroider or embellish the item using the appropriate stabilizer in addition to Embellish Fusible Underlay.
  4. If desired, after the embroidery is complete, fuse one layer of Embellish Fusible Underlay over the back of the design to keep it from scratching the wearer’s skin. Use a burst of steam to create a permanent bond between Embellish Fusible Underlay and the base fabric.