Embellish Bold Tearaway Stabilizer

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Embellish Bold Tearaway Stabilizer is a tightly woven, heavy duty stabilizer made using a unique “Non-Woven” technique, and it is used to support large or dense embroideries on stable woven fabric such as: cotton, duck cloth, twill, and denim. It features a multi-directional tear capability, easily pulling away clean from the embroidery design for a crisp look on the front and back. It is also available in a fusible version.

Embellish Bold Tearaway is recommended to be used as a “floater” under the hoop when used in conjunction with Embellish® Fusible Bold Tearaway that has been ironed to the back of woven fabric. Adding a “floater” of Embellish Bold Tearaway adds additional support to the fabric when using a design that has more than 12,000 stitches in a 4”x4” hoop.

Made in America. Premium tearaway fibers using the Wet-Laid Non-Woven Process. 2 oz.

Stitch Count
Holds up to 12,000 embroidery stitches in a 4”x4”