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Mettler Seralene Thread

Mettler Seralene ThreadSeralene is perfect for creating fine, almost invisible seams on light-weight fabrics.

Seralene - the overlock thread with exceptional smooth characteristics, guarantees strong, virtually invisible seams.

Thanks to its fine Qualities, Seralene can also be used as an underthread - plus it comes in a wide range of Colors.

Seralene offers unrivalled and trouble-free sewability, even on the most sophisticated multi-function overlock machines.

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Bordeaux #0109 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Gold #0118 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Cocoa #0196 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Baguette #0326 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Tin #0415 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Country Red #0504 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Sweet Boy #0818 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Dark Blue #0827 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Eggshell #1000 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Pine Park #1182 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Steel Blue #1316 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Whale #1360 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Peppercorn #1382 2187yd/2000m $7.25
White #2000 2187yd/2000m $7.25
Black #4000 2187yd/2000m $7.25
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