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Mettler Seraflex Elastic Thread

Mettler Seraflex Elastic ThreadHighly elastic and versatile: with Mettler Seraflex sewing thread, you are buying exactly the right thread for all stretch fabrics. The secret is its special composition: The innovative raw material PTT allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%. We recommend using the sewing thread exclusively for straight stitches. When used as needle and bobbin thread and with a thread tension as loose as possible, its full elasticity comes into effect. This way, SERAFLEX even achieves a sewing elasticity that is twice as high as that of conventional sewing threads.

Whether as sewing thread for women's, men's or children's clothing, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for underwear and lingerie: SERAFLEX masters every challenge!

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
White #2000 130m/142yd $2.95
Colonial Blue #0024 130m/142yd $2.95
Skylight #0036 130m/142yd $2.95
Shell #0082 130m/142yd $2.95
Bright Mint #0092 130m/142yd $2.95
Winter Berry #0106 130m/142yd $2.95
Beet Red #0111 130m/142yd $2.95
Summer Sun #0120 130m/142yd $2.95
Ashley Gold #0174 130m/142yd $2.95
Dark Green #0216 130m/142yd $2.95
Winter Frost #0271 130m/142yd $2.95
Caramel Cream #0285 130m/142yd $2.95
Ash Mist #0331 130m/142yd $2.95
Aqua #0408 130m/142yd $2.95
Turquoise #0409 130m/142yd $2.95
Old Tin #0415 130m/142yd $2.95
Country Red #0504 130m/142yd $2.95
Nude #0511 130m/142yd $2.95
Muslin #0778 130m/142yd $2.95
Sweet Boy #0818 130m/142yd $2.95
Apple Seed #0975 130m/142yd $2.95
Eggshell #1000 130m/142yd $2.95
Very Dark Brown #1002 130m/142yd $2.95
Fire Blue #1078 130m/142yd $2.95
Tamarack #1147 130m/142yd $2.95
Tangerine #1335 130m/142yd $2.95
Whale #1360 130m/142yd $2.95
Fuschia #1421 130m/142yd $2.95
Lemon #3361 130m/142yd $2.95
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