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Wonderfil Deco Bob Bobbin Thread 80wt

Wonderfil Deco Bob Bobbin Thread 80wtWonderfil Deco Bob 80 weight 2-ply soft polyester thread is tone on tone to match fabric or top thread. High definition with even tension throughout. Strong and colourfast, Wonderfil Deco Bob Thread enhances the delicacy of all sewing and embroidery projects. Doubles as a top and bobbin thread, can be used with home sew and long arm machines.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Black #101 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Grey #103 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
White #104 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Antique White #112 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Dove Grey #113 2000m Spool $9.95
Taupe #115 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Soft Yellow #118 2000m Spool $9.95
Dark Grey #122 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Dark Gold #131 2000m Spool $9.95
Soft Pink #205 6500yd Cone $27.95
Terracotta #212 2000m Spool $9.95
Dusty Rose #221 2000m Spool $9.95
Plum #245 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Soft Purple #308 2000m Spool $9.95
Blue #319 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Brown #403 2000m Spool $9.95
Peach #410 2000m Spool $9.95
Dark Tan #463 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
Evergreen #501 2000m Spool $9.95
Moss Green #506 2000m Spool $9.95
Dark Green #509 2000m Spool $9.95
Emerald Green #511 2000m Spool $9.95
Mint Green #523 2000m Spool $9.95
Sage #591 2000m Spool $9.95
6500yd Cone $27.95
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