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Wonderfil Dazzle 8wt Rayon/Metallic Thread

Wonderfil Dazzle 8wt Rayon/Metallic ThreadA sturdy 6-ply thread, Wonderfil Dazzle is comparable in weight to an 8wt perle cotton. This 100% rayon and metallic mix carries a naturally bright luster with a silky finish, making it an excellent choice for crafts, crochet, knitting, and highlighting the details on dimensional stitches. Because of Dazzle's light reflective properties and "pop" of metallic, the detail on wool applique and layering can be enhanced with edging stitches for that extra sparkle.

The secret to the metallic pop is the single strand of metallic thread that's intertwined with the rayon.

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Fuchsia #0039 250yd/229m $10.95
Boysenberry #0045 250yd/229m $10.95
Dark Blue #0050 250yd/229m $10.95
Sea Foam Green #0068 250yd/229m $10.95
Lavender #0120 500yd/458m $22.95
Purple #0124 250yd/229m $10.95
True Blue #0137 500yd/458m $22.95
BlackMulticolor #0160 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Golden Brown #0328 250yd/229m $10.95
Dk Turquoise #0538 500yd/458m $22.95
Forest Green #0566 250yd/229m $10.95
Mollases #0909 250yd/229m $10.95
Lemon Yellow #0938 500yd/458m $22.95
Bluegrass Green #0941 250yd/229m $10.95
Dk Peach #0984 250yd/229m $10.95
Gold #1000 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Xmas Red #1147 250yd/229m $10.95
Baby Pink #1201 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Tomato Red #1267 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Silver #2000 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Pumpkin #2108 500yd/458m $22.95
Coral Rose #2514 250yd/229m $10.95
Nutmeg #6230 250yd/229m $10.95
Ecru #7102 250yd/229m $10.95
Midnight Blue #7148 500yd/458m $22.95
White #8201 250yd/229m $10.95
500yd/458m $22.95
Black #9000 250yd/229m $10.95
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