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Floriani Holiday Variegated and Rayon Thread Set

Floriani Holiday Variegated and Rayon Thread Set

Floriani’s New Holiday Thread Bundle contains 10 spools of Floriani Rayon Thread and 5 spools of Floriani Variegated Thread, just the thing to add new life to designs!

Give your creations a spark of Christmas spirit with deep, soothing colors like “Milk Chocolate,” “Merlot” and “Old Gold.”

And to add to the inspiration, this bundle also includes a Floriani Christmas Shadow Work Collection!

This set contains the following colors:
Red #6<br>40wt Rayon
Red #6
40wt Rayon
Valley Green #25<br>40wt Rayon
Valley Green #25
40wt Rayon
Majesty #60<br>40wt Rayon
Majesty #60
40wt Rayon
Vermillion #99<br>40wt Rayon
Vermillion #99
40wt Rayon
Milk Chocolate #186<br>40wt Rayon
Milk Chocolate #186
40wt Rayon
Picnic Green #209<br>40wt Rayon
Picnic Green #209
40wt Rayon
Eggplant #226<br>40wt Rayon
Eggplant #226
40wt Rayon
Firefly #543<br>40wt Rayon
Firefly #543
40wt Rayon
Lemon #546<br>40wt Rayon
Lemon #546
40wt Rayon
Brown #624<br>40wt Rayon
Brown #624
40wt Rayon
Singapore Stripe #V35<br>Variegated 40wt Rayon
Singapore Stripe #V35
Variegated 40wt Rayon
Purple Stripe #V48<br>Variegated 40wt Rayon
Purple Stripe #V48
Variegated 40wt Rayon
Yellow Stripe #V53<br>Variegated 40wt Rayon
Yellow Stripe #V53
Variegated 40wt Rayon
Nile Stripe #V72<br>Variegated 40wt Rayon
Nile Stripe #V72
Variegated 40wt Rayon
Brown Stripe #V78<br>Variegated 40wt Rayon
Brown Stripe #V78
Variegated 40wt Rayon

Floriani Holiday Variegated and Rayon Thread Set
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