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Superior MicroQuilter 100w Polyester Thread

Superior MicroQuilter 100w Polyester ThreadMicroQuilter is a 100 wt. extra-fine polyester thread designed for invisible machine applique, detail quilting, and stitch in the ditch. It is an extremely fine thread that can be sewn with a very small needle, rendering the thread virtually invisible. MicroQuilter is noticeably strong, especially considering its thin diameter and is the preferred thread for micro stippling and miniatures. MicroQuilter can be used on home machines and longarm machines.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Tan #7005 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Dark Gray #7009 800yd Spool $7.50
Black #7010 3000yd Cone $11.95
Baby Yellow #7011 3000yd Cone $11.95
Yellow #7012 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Baby Pink #7014 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Red #7015 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Bright Red #7016 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Baby Blue #7017 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Light Blue #7018 3000yd Cone $11.95
Dark Blue #7020 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Sage #7025 3000yd Cone $11.95
Copper #7027 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Medium Brown #7028 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
Dark Brown #7029 800yd Spool $7.50
Purple #7030 3000yd Cone $11.95
800yd Spool $7.50
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