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Schmetz Stretch Needle

Schmetz Stretch NeedleSchmetz Stretch Needles are designed specifically for synthetic suede and elastic knitwear. The special construction prevents skipped stitches common to knits.
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Name SizeCostQuantity
Stretch 14/90 5 Needles S-1713 $5.50
Stretch 11/75 5 Needles S-1722 $5.50
Stretch Spring 11/75 1 Needle S-1766 $5.50
Stretch Spring 14/90 1 Needle S-1767 $5.50
Stretch Twin 2.5/75 1 Needle S-1774 $6.50
Stretch Twin 4.0/75 1 Needle S-1775 $6.50
Stretch 11/75 100 Needles Stretch 11/75 $99.95
Stretch 14/90 100 Needles Stretch 14/90 $99.95
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