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Robison Anton Twister Tweed Thread

Robion Anton Twister Tweed Thread
Robison Anton Twister Tweed is formed by 2 colors twisted together to provide the designer with an infinite number of design possibilities for all embroidered items. Designed to run with Super Strength Rayon Colors.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Zebra #79000 700yd $5.75
Silver Grey #79005 700yd $5.75
Hot Passion #79010 700yd $5.75
Aster #79011 700yd $5.75
Baby Pink #79020 700yd $5.75
Sizzling Pink #79030 700yd $5.75
Spicy Red #79031 700yd $5.75
Van Gogh Blue #79040 700yd $5.75
Azure #79041 700yd $5.75
Jumping Juniper #79050 700yd $5.75
Summer Green #79051 700yd $5.75
Irish Green #79052 700yd $5.75
Mistletoe #79053 700yd $5.75
Moonlight #79061 700yd $5.75
Mandarin Yellow #79062 700yd $5.75
Bear Brown #79070 700yd $5.75
Holiday Season #79080 700yd $5.75
American Twist #79081 700yd $5.75
Summer Breeze #79082 700yd $5.75
Spring Garden #79083 700yd $5.75
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