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RnK Sew Shrink Fabric (Formerly Floriani Heat N Shrink)

Sew-Shrink Fabric
Name SizeCostQuantity
RnK Sew-Shrink Fabric 60in X 1yd $28.95
Floriani Heat N Shrink 60in X 15yd $329.95

Formerly known as Floriani Heat N Shrink, RnK Sew Shrink Fabric designed to add a random, wrinkled texture to a wide range of fabrics and can be used to create wearables or home decorative items such as shirts, jackets, skirts, quilts, placemats, pillows and curtains.

Every fabric shrinks slightly differently so you will want to test before using. Generally, fabrics will shrink approximately 30%.

If you want to stitch a grid or a specific pattern on Sew Shrink Fabric, it can safely be marked with a fabric pen. It does not have a right or wrong side. Sew Shrink Fabric is placed behind your fabric with the drawn lines facing out. Stitch over your lines. Heavily steam Sew Shrink Fabric with an iron and watch the magic occur. It's now ready to trim or insert in your project. The wrinkles will hold in place even if laundered and it's also safe to dry-clean.


  1. If stitching a grid or specific pattern, use an iron safe fabric marking pen and sketch the lines you want to stitch directly onto the Sew Shrink Fabric. This product does not have a right or wrong side.
  2. Place the Sew Shrink Fabric behind your fabric with the drawn lines facing out. Pin if necessary.
  3. Stitch on the lines or do random stitching such as stipple quilting, circles, etc. **Remember, the closer the stitching the more wrinkles you will have!
  4. Heavily steam the piece from the Sew Shrink Fabric side. Do NOT touch the iron to the Sew Shrink Fabric or fabric during the shrinking process. The steam will do all the work!
  5. Now your wrinkled fabric is made and you are ready to trim, shape and insert it into your project! Have fun!

**Sew Shrink Fabric is washer/dryer and drycleaner safe.

Remember to test your fabric for the shrinkage amount before beginning your project. Some fabrics will shrink/wrinkle more and some less due to the nature of the fiber content. Generally you will obtain 30% shrinkage. Again, it is important to test first! Start with an 8" square of fabric and see what size it shrinks to. If you are at 30%, the square should be 6" after steaming. This will help you determine what size your beginning fabric should be.

**Floral Fabric Tip - When attaching Sew Shrink Fabric to a floral print, free stitch from the fabric side and outline the flowers for a dramatic effect!

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