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Organ Needles
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Organ Embroidery Needles

Organ Embroidery Needles

Organ Embroidery Needles are made to higher standards for smoother sewing. They have an oversized eye to reduce the stress and tension on delicate embroidery thread. Organ Embroidery Needles also accommodate metallic threads and makes needle threading easier. The Titanium Embroidery Needles are more expensive but will last up to 5 times longer.

HAx130EBBR: This NEW needle was developed for use in the new Babylock EMB6 and Brother PR-600C machines. It is an industrial quality needle with a flat shank, reinforced blade, light Ball Point and an oversized eye. It is available with a hard chrome finish.

15x1ST: HAx1ST, 130/705H-E;

Type and Size Needle QuantityPart NumberCostQuantity
Organ Babylock EM86 or Brother PR-600C Size 14 10 Needles HAx130EBBR14 $10.50
Organ Embroidery Large Eye BallPoint Titanium 14 10 Needles 15X1STBPPD14 $11.90
Organ Embroidery Large Eye Titanium Size 11 10 Needles 15X1STPD11 $11.90
Organ Embroidery Large Eye Titanium Size 14 10 Needles15X1STPD14 $11.90
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