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Organ Needles

Organ Needles
Organ Needles come with just about every sewing machine manufactured in Japan. Organ Needles are supplied with new machines from: Bernina, Brother, Elna, Janome, Melco, Baby Lock, New Home, Poem, Riccar, Simplicity, Singer, Viking, White and more.

Red Rock Threads carries the following Types of Organ Needles:

The ballpoint tip of Organ Ballpoint Needles pushes the knit fiber to the side with each stitch instead of piercing it. This prevents breakage of the fibers which lead to small holes or runs you may see when embroidering knit fabrics.
  Organ Ballpoint Needles

The large embroidery eye of Organ Embroidery Ballpoint Needles prevents thread breakage and fraying. Use with 40 weight or heavier embroidery thread.
  Organ Embroidery Ballpoint Needles

Organ Titanium Ballpoint Needles combine the characteristics of ballpoint needles with the endurance of titanium.
  Organ Titanium Needles

Organ Titanium Embroidery Ballpoint Needles have a large eye and titanium coating.
  Organ Sharp Needles

Organ Sharp Needles use a sharp tip to pierce woven fibers for a perfect stitch.
  Organ Sharp Needles

Organ Embroidery Sharp Needles combine a sharp tip with a large eye.
  Organ Embroidery Sharp Needles

Organ Titanium Sharp Needles have a sharp tip and are coated with titanium to last longer.
  Organ Titanium Sharp Needles

Organ Embroidery Titanium Sharp Needles combine a large eye suitable for embroidery with a titanium coating.
  Organ Embroidery Titanium Sharp Needles

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Organ Needles
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