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Omnigrid OmniGrip Non-Slip Ruler

Omnigrid OmniGrip Non-Slip Ruler
Non-Slip Ruler for Quilting, Sewing & Crafts. 

For use with Rotary Cutters & Straight Edge Blades - Right and left-hand numbering & angle system. 

Diagonal line for triangle Cuts. 

Name SizeCostQuantity
5in Square 5in Square $12.95 Sold Out
4in x 18in Angle Mini Ruler 4in x 18in $19.95 Sold Out
6in x 12 Ruler 6in x 12in $17.95
12.5 in. Sq. Ruler 12.5in Square $26.95
4in x 14inRuler 4in x 14in $17.95 Sold Out
20.5in Square 20.5in Square $55.95 Sold Out
6in x 24inRuler 6in x 24in $25.95 Sold Out
2.5in x 18in Ruler 2.5in x 18in $17.95
3.5 in. Sq. Ruler 3.5 in. Sq. $8.49
3.5in x 12.5in Ruler 3.5in x 12.5in $14.95 Sold Out
3in x 9in Ruler 3in x 9in $10.95 Sold Out
5.5in Square 5.5in Square $13.95 Sold Out
6.5 in. sq w Grid Ruler 6.5in Square $13.95
812in Square 8.5in Square $18.95
8.5 x 24inin. Ruler 8.5in x 24in $31.95 Sold Out
9.5 x 24inin. Ruler 9.5in x 24in $48.95 Sold Out
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