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Omnigrid Mat With Grid

Omnigrid Mat With Grid
Mats made for double sided usage, the green side for light fabrics and the light gray for dark fabrics. The green side has a yellow grid that extends to the edge of the mat for both right and left handed users.

This mat is designed to keep your rotary cutting blades sharp longer. Great to use with rotary cutters and Omnigrid rulers.

Keep out of sunlight and store flat, do not roll up. 1in grid, perfect for take-a-long, classrooms, beginners, quilting, crafts, memory books and more. Now phthalate free.

Name SizeCostQuantity
8.75x11.75 Mat W Grid
May take 3-5 days to ship
8.75in x 11.75in $11.95
Mat 12x18 WGrid
May take 3-5 days to ship
12in x 18in $19.95
18x24 Mat W Grid
May take 3-5 days to ship
18in x 24in $29.95
Mat 24in x 36in W Grid
May take 3-5 days to ship
24in x 36in $56.95
5.875in x 8.875in Mat
May take 3-5 days to ship
5.875in x 8.875in $6.95
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