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Adhesives, Tapes and Clips

Beacon Liquid Thread
Clover 1/2 Inch Bias Tape Maker
Cluck Cluck Sew Diagonal Seam Tape
KLIPIT Quilters Perfect Klip
Marti's Choice Fusible Tape MM8221
Omnigrid Glowline Tape
Omnigrid Invisi-Grip
Peel 'N Stick Ruler Tape
Quilters Select Fabric Glue Stick
RnK Perfect Grip Tape
Roxanne Glue Baste It
Spray N Bond Pattern and Stencil Spray ORMD Product Ships UPS Ground
Spray N Bond Ultrahold Fusible Adhesive Spray SHIP UPS GROUND
Wrights Quilt Binding

Cutting Tools

Dritz Seam-Fix Seam Ripper
Embellish Seam Ripper
Embellish Ultimate Tweezers
Eversewn Clipper Thread Snips
Eversewn Tweezer Tool Pack
EZ Snip From The Gypsy Quilter
Floriani Precision-Angle Tweezers
Floriani Squeeze N Snip
Omnigrid Fold Away Cutting/Pressing Station
RnK Cosplay Awesome Armor Snips
RnK Thread-Nest Tool
Seam Ripper From The Gypsy Quilter
Thread Cutterz Ring Bedazzled Black
Thread Cutterz Ring Bedazzled Pink
Thread Cutterz Ring Pink
Thread Cutterz Snipper - Long Nose
Tula Pink Cutting Mats
Tula Pink Seam Rippers and Blades
Ultra-Fine EZ Tweezy Tweezers from The Gypsy Quilter

Embroidery Blanks and Interfacing

June Tailor Quilt As You Go Baby Bibs
Stabli-Tee Fusible Interfacing

Fabric and Thread Care

Atmosklear Odor Eliminator From Mary Ellen Products
Clover Fabric Folding Pen
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover
I Hate Ironing from Mary Ellen Products
Mary Ellen's Best Press Caribbean Beach
Mary Ellen's Best Press Cherry Blossom
Mary Ellen's Best Press Citrus Grove
Mary Ellen's Best Press Lavender Fields
Mary Ellen's Best Press Linen Fresh
Mary Ellen's Best Press Mint Splash
Mary Ellen's Best Press Peaches and Cream
Mary Ellen's Best Press Scent Free
Mary Ellen's Best Press Tea Rose Garden
Spray N Bond Fabric Stiffener
Thread Magic Thread Conditioner

Gift Cards

Gift Certificates


2017 Catalogue Of Show Quilts
Hemline Christmas Advent Calendar
Playing Cards from Bonnie K Hunter Quilting

Irons and Iron Accessories

Clover Mini Iron
Floriani Crystal Embellisher and Mini Iron Set
Jenny Haskins Magic Rhinestone Setter and Mini Iron Set
Mini Iron Cooling Tote
RNK Cordless Rhinestone Setting Tool

Lighting Products

OESD Pixie Lights


By Annies Lightweight Mesh Fabric
Dritz Curved Hand Needle Assortment
Ground Black Walnut Shells from Martin Tree Farm
John James Household Repair Needle Assortment
Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Shapes
OESD USB Extension Pigtail
Quilters Select Self Erase Marker
RnK 1.5in White Stabilizer Caps
RnK Cosplay Super Structure Foam
Roxanne Quilter's Choice Marking Pencils
Roxanne Sharp-N-Cap Pencil Sharpener With Caps
Sewing Themed Cookie Cutters

Papers, Foils and Printer Sheets

Carol Doaks Foundation Paper Legal Size 8in x 14in
Carol Doaks Foundation Paper Letter Size 8.5in x 11in
Cut Rite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper 25pk
Embellish Heat Transfer Chalkboard
Embellish Heat Transfer Foil
Embellish Iridescent Embroidery Mylar EIM-1830
Embellish Printable Tissue Paper EMPT-811
Gypsy Quilter Applique Freezer Paper


Foxglove Extra Sharp Applique Pins - 400 Pins
Foxglove Glass Head Applique Pins - 150 Pins
Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Pins
Quilters Select Pin Tin

Pressing Mats, Cutting Mats and Rotary Cutters

Decorating Diva Magic Pressing Mat
Decorating Diva Mega Pressing Mat
Decorating Diva Mini Pressing Mat
Decorating Diva Skinny Pressing Mat
Embellish Comfort Grip Chenille Cutter
Kai Rotary Blade 45mm
Kai Rotary Cutter 45mm
Kai Rotary Cutter 60mm
Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter 45mm
Olfa Quick Change Rotary Cutter 45mm
Quilters Select Rotary 45mm
Quilters Select Rotary 60mm
Quilters Select Rotary Mat
Tula Pink Rotary Cutters and Blades


Bohin Sewing Mask Kit for 6 Masks
Collins Yellow Tape Measure Large Numbers
Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Quilt Ruler
Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle Quilt Ruler
Creative Grids Alaska Ruler
Creative Grids Folded Corner Clipper Tool
Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo
Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Elvira
Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim
Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Squiggy
Creative Grids Quilt Rectangular Rulers
Creative Grids Quilt Square Rulers
Creative Grids Scrap Crazy Templates Quilt Ruler
Creative Grids Spider Web Quilt Ruler
Creative Grids Stripology XL Ruler
Creative Grids Wave Quilt Ruler 12in
Embellish Self Centering T-Shirt Ruler E-RUL7x22
Fanatical Fusions Face Mask Templates
Fiskars Folding Ruler
Omnigrid Marking Trio Ruler Set
Omnigrid OmniGrip Non-Slip Ruler
Omnigrid Right Triangle Quarter Inch
Omnigrid Ruler
Omnigrid Ruler Grip
Quilters Select Clamshell Precision Quilting Rulers
Quilters Select Precision Machine Quilting Ruler
Quilters Select Ruler Handle
Quilters Select Rulers
Quilters Select Special Edition Pink Ruler
RnK Dynamic Dresdens
Singer 60in Tape Measure Pink


Embellish Applique Scissors
Floriani Applique Plus Scissors
Floriani Trim Safe Angled Scissors FLT-4
Kai Bent Handle Scissors 9in #5230
Kai Dressmaking Shears 10in #5250
Kai Dressmaking Shears 8.5in #5220
Kai Dressmaking Shears 8.5in #5220L Left Handed
Kai Dressmaking Shears 8in #5210
Kai Dressmaking Shears 9.5in #5240
Kai Embroidery Double Curved Scissors 5in #5130DC
Kai Needlecraft Curved Scissors 4in #5100C
Kai Needlecraft Scissors 4in #5100
Kai Patchwork Scissors 8in Micro Serrated
Kai Pinking Shears 9in #5350
Kai Professional Scissors 10in #7250
Kai Professional Scissors 11in #7280
Kai Professional Scissors 8in #7205
Kai Professional Scissors 9in #7230
Kai Seam Remover
Karen Kay Buckley Curved Perfect Scissors
Karen Kay Buckley Multipurpose Perfect Scissors
Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors
Mini Duckbill Scissor From The Gypsy Quilter
Omnigrid Needlecraft Scissors
Quilters Select WAVE Applique Scissors
RnK Cosplay Shears 9 inch
RnK Micro Duckbill Applique Scissors RT-DUCK
RnK Precision Tip Scissors
Tula Pink Bent Micro Serrated Trimmer
Victorian Embroidery Scissors 3.5in By Tooltron

Storage and Hangers

ArtBin Bobbin Box
ArtBin Double Deep Super Satchel
Bobbin Storage Tube From Patchwork With Busyfingers
Bobbinsavers from Blue Feather
Clover Stack N Store Bobbin Tower
Dritz Bobbin Box
Floriani 30 Spool Thread Box
HTL Acrylic 30 Spool Thread Box HTL-0921
OESD Snappy Stacker
Oh Sew Organized Stash N Store
Omnigrid Wooden Ruler Rack
Quilters HangUp
RnK Easy Access Stabilizer Rack R-STABRACK
RnK Easy Access Thread Rack R-THREADRACK
RnK Thread Storage Spindles
Superior Handy Nets
Wonderfil Thread Tamer All-In-One Thread Rack

Terial Magic Products

Liquid Stabilizer from Terial Magic
Terial Arts BETTER Ultimate Adhesive


Designs in Machine Embroidery Birds Nest Tool Kit
Embellish Vinyl Weeding Tool ET-WEED
Floriani Educator Favorites Tool Set
Floriani Pro Stiletto FLT-5
OESD Alligator Clamps
OESD Scissor Kit
RnK Precision Turning Tool
RnK/Floriani Heat Craft Tool
Screw B Do 2pc Mini Screwdrivers
Sulky Toolkit
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