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Pre-Wound Bobbins

We carry the following Pre-Wound Bobbin products:

Sulky Pre-Wound Bobbins
Offering convenience and quality, these 60 wt. continuous filament polyester, plastic-sided bobbins are virtually lint free and are the perfect weight for most every sewing, quilting, or embroidery project. Available in 4 colors in both type "A" and the very popular "L" style.
  Sulky Pre-Wound Bobbins

Superior Masterpiece Class-L Pre-Wound Bobbins
MasterPiece is a #50 Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton designed specifically for piecing . Piecing is the sewing together of 'pieces' or portions of your quilt. It is sometimes called 'Patchwork'. There are several piecing methods such as paper piecing, chain piecing (most common method of piecing), and strip piecing. We recommend piecing with a #50 cotton thread because cotton can be ironed on high heat. A quality #50 thread is also fine enough to lie flat the in seams and not add bulk.
  Superior Masterpiece Class-L Pre-Wound Bobbins
  Superior Masterpiece Class-M Pre-Wound Bobbins

Superior SuperBOBs Pre-Wound Bobbins
  • The Bottom Line Thread (60 wt. lint-free filament polyester).
  • Cardboard-sided prewounds available in 46 colors.
  • Available in L-style (118 yds.) and M-style (215 yds.) prewound bobbins.
  • Ideal for hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, embroidery, stitch-in-the-ditch, bobbin thread, trapunto, binding, free standing lace, heirloom sewing, serger thread, and garment construction.

  Superior SuperBob Bottom Line Class-L Pre-Wound Bobbins
  Superior SuperBob Bottom Line Class-M Pre-Wound Bobbins

Superior Monopoly Prewound Bobbins Clear Class 15 (A-Style)
Clear Monopoly
  Superior Monopoly Prewound Bobbins

OESD Pre-Wound Bobbins
100% Spun Polyester
  OESD Pre-Wound Bobbins

Robison Anton Pre-Wound Bobbins
Robison Anton has a selection of pre-wound bobbins for different applications.
  Robison Anton Pre-Wound Bobbins

Signature Pre-Wound Bobbins
Signature Bobbins are made from cotton thread and match the colors of their popular 40wt cotton machine quilting thread.
  Signature Pre-Wound Bobbins

  Quilters Select Pre-Wound Bobbins
The 80wt Para-Cotton-Poly makes for the perfect bobbin thread. And with 40 colors available, you no longer have to waste time winding up thread to match your quilting project!
  Quilters Select Pre-Wound Bobbins

  YLI Pre-Wound Bobbins
YLI has a selection of pre-wound bobbins for different jobs.
  YLI Pre-Wound Bobbins

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Pre-Wound Bobbins
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