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Floriani Stitch N Shape

Name SizeCostQuantity
Floriani Stitch N Shape Roll 15in X 5yd SINGLE SIDED FUSIBLE $41.95
Floriani Stitch N Shape

Use for adding shape, form and/or dimension to tote bags, placemats, fabric bowls/boxes, hat brims, ornaments, paper dolls and more. This remarkable product will hold its shape after it is inserted between two layers of fabric. You can stitch or embroider directly through it. Items constructed with Stitch N Shape can be laundered and then reshaped by steaming. Create unique picture frame mats by painting, stitching or embellishing directly on it.

Stitch N Shape is available in regular non-fused, single side fusible, double side fusible or our new Lite version for purses and bags!

*To fuse fabric to Stitch N Shape Double or Single Side Fusible:

  1. Begin by laying a heat resistant product such as a Teflon pressing sheet or parchment paper on your ironing board. This will prevent the heat from the iron coming through the product and fusing it to your ironing board cover.
  2. Place decorative fabric on top of the Stitch N Shape (wrong side to the fusible side) and press it in place using a small amount of steam and a medium temperature on your iron. Remember to press, don't "iron"!
  3. Turn the Stitch N Shape over and cover the exposed fusible side with the wrong side of the decorative fabric. Press using a small amount of steam once again.
  4. Begin construction of your project, with both fabrics permanently fused in place!

*Stitch N Shape Lite has a heat resistant pressing sheet built in. When using the Lite version, eliminate step one from above and when you get to step 3, remove the protective sheet before attempting to fuse fabric to it.

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