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Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece Fusible

Heat N Sta Flece
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Floriani Heat N Sta Fusible Fleece 45in X 1yd $15.99

Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece

Add dimension to your embroidery and quilting projects with Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece. Create soft home dec items such as placemats, table runners and crib quilts. This unique product is similar to traditional quilt batting only with a fusible side to keep the fleece in place while stitching through it! Heat N Sta Fleece is ideal for machine embroidered or T-Shirt quilts as it does not have to be quilted to maintain the fibers of the batting. It is machine washable, dryer and/or drycleaner safe.

How to create 3-D embroidery:

  1. Complete the embroidery design, remove stabilizer from around the design.
  2. Fuse one layer of Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece over the back of the embroidery.
  3. From the front side of the garment, quilt around the design using a straight stitch.
  4. Trim the excess fleece to within ½ inch of the stitching.
  5. Now you have 3-D embroidery and a super soft design against your skin!

Using Heat N Sta Fleece as batting within a quilt:

  1. Pre-Wash Quilt Fabric.
  2. Complete piecing of the blocks.
  3. After the top is completely pieced, fuse one layer of Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece on the backside of the fabric. Be sure to use a medium setting (silk) on your iron and a press cloth to protect your iron. Also remember to "press". Ironing will stretch the fabric and the fusible fleece.
  4. Add the fabric to be used as a backing, and quilt as usual.
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