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Floriani Firm Tearaway Ultra Heavy

Floriani Firm Tearaway Ultra Heavy
Name SizeCostQuantity
Floriani Tearaway Ultra Heavy Commercial Size 4in X 200yd $84.95
Floriani Tearaway Ultra Heavy Commercial Size 23in X 100yd $199.95

Tears away cleanly to speed production and features a non-stretch, stable foundation. It can be used on any weight of woven with excellent results. Because it is made of top-quality materials using the wet-laid-non-directional process, only one layer is needed for most projects.

This product is easy to use. Once you have cut the appropriate size, it is hooped to the wrong side of the garment and sewn. Then securely rip off the excess edges from around the embroidery.

This tearaway is the recommended product when extra stability (floating) is needed with any other Floriani stabilizers for stitching denser or larger designs.

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