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Floriani Cutaway Ultra Heavy

Floriani Cutaway Ultra Heavy
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Floriani Cutaway Ultra Heavy Commercial Size 23in X 100yd $173.95

For your heavy-duty jobs, Floriani’s Cutaway Heavy will keep stitches from disappearing in fleece, knits, and sweaters. It offers a non-stretching base to ensure that the embroidery holds its shape for the life of the garment, whether a medium or heavy stitch density is used. You only need one layer for most applications. It’s also ideal for home decorating projects such as pillows and upholstery or use as a perfect firm lining for purses and tote-bags. Hoop one layer alone and stitch out your embroidery designs so you will have an accurate “sew out” before you embroider a garment! Trim closely and create a patch or appliqué!

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