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Floriani Variegated Rayon Thread 40wt

Floriani Variegated Rayon Thread 40wtFloriani Variegated Rayon Thread is a quality variegated thread from the name that means embroidery, Floriani Thread.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Orange Stripe #V13 1000m $6.25
Green Meadow Stripe #V19 1000m $6.25
Baby Blue Stripe #V22B 1000m $6.25
Black Stripe #V24 1000m $6.25
Deep Pink Stripe #V28 1000m $6.25
Singapore Stripe #V35 1000m $6.25
Pink Stripe #V38 1000m $6.25
Storm #V42 1000m $6.25
Purple Stripe #V48 1000m $6.25
Yellow Stripe #V53 1000m $6.25
Yellow Orange Stripe #V55 1000m $6.25
Tan Stripe #V61 1000m $6.25
Lilac Stripe #V67 1000m $6.25
Nile Stripe #V72 1000m $6.25
Brown Stripe #V78 1000m $6.25
Blossom Stripe #V83 1000m $6.25
Desert #V9300 1000m $6.25
Wildberry #V9302 1000m $6.25
Oh Baby #9400 1000m $6.25
Springtime #9401 1000m $6.25
Cinnamon Stripe #V98B 1000m $6.25
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