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Floriani Embroidery Thread 40wt Polyester Limited Edition Colors

Floriani Embroidery Thread 40wt Polyester Limited Edition ColorsThese are limited edition colors of Floriani 40wt Polyester Embroidery Thread. Most of these colors were previously part of a Floriani Encore Thread Set, a few others are discontinued colors that used to be in the regular thread line.

This is a great way to expand your palette or to get more of the colors that you really liked from thread sets you have purchased in the past.

These are full sized 1000m spools of Floriani 40wt Polyester Embroidery Thread. For the "regular" 360 colors click here.

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Dark Army Green #PF298 1000m $4.49
Serenity #PF0299 1000m $4.49
Uncertainty #PF0437 1000m $4.49
Apricot #PF595 1000m $4.49
Sunset #PF0754 1000m $4.49
Horizon #PF0869 1000m $4.49
Mysterious #PF0901 1000m $4.49
Burgundy Peony #H1129 1000m $4.49
Evening Clouds #H1135 1000m $4.49
Aurora Red #UH1194 1000m $4.49
UH1235 1000m $4.49
UH1236 1000m $4.49
UH1237 1000m $4.49
UH1238 1000m $4.49
UH1239 1000m $4.49
UH1240 1000m $4.49
UH1242 1000m $4.49
UH1243 1000m $4.49
UH1244 1000m $4.49
UH1245 1000m $4.49
UH1246 1000m $4.49
UH1247 1000m $4.49
UH1248 1000m $4.49
UH1249 1000m $4.49
UH1250 1000m $4.49
UH1252 1000m $4.49
UH1253 1000m $4.49
UH1254 1000m $4.49
UH1255 1000m $4.49
UH1256 1000m $4.49
UH1257 1000m $4.49
UH1258 1000m $4.49
UH1259 1000m $4.49
UH1260 1000m $4.49
UH1261 1000m $4.49
UH1262 1000m $4.49
UH1264 1000m $4.49
Zinnia #PF1513 1000m $4.49
Foxgloves #PF1701 1000m $4.49
Egyptian Star Cluster #PF1716 1000m $4.49
Spruce #PF2965 1000m $4.49
Wonder Blue #PF3657 1000m $4.49
Midnight #PF3768 1000m $4.49
Twilight #PF3876 1000m $4.49
Thunder #H4181 1000m $4.49
Night Forest #PF4895 1000m $4.49
Harvest #H5065 1000m $4.49
Spring Glory #H5084 1000m $4.49
Happy Thoughts #UH5118 1000m $4.49
Rising Sun #H5275 1000m $4.49
Golden Olive #PF5673 1000m $4.49
Dawn #PF5683 1000m $4.49
Autumn Leaves #H7114 1000m $4.49
Rustic Cherry #PF7785 1000m $4.49
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