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Floriani Premium Metallic Thread (Includes Haskins)

Floriani Premium Metallic Thread (Includes Haskins)Many embroiderers will not attempt to use Metallic Thread. They have been frustrated time and time again with broken threads, broken needles and ruined garments. Finally, Floriani has introduced the perfect metallic embroidery thread designed to be used at high speeds on most machines. The Floriani Premium Metallic Threads are created with a very strong inter core made of polyester. The polyester core is coated with brilliant metallic colors but then it is coated with a special lubricating hardener to prevent the metal from flaking. This special lubricant also allows the Floriani Metallic Thread to flow evenly and without restriction through your machine. Most metallic thread manufacturers will advise users to replace their machine needle with a large eye needle before using their metallic thread, but with Floriani Premium Metallic Thread is not necessary. Use the same needle as used for regular polyester or rayon threads.

Jenny Haskins Metallic Thread has been merged back with Floriani Metallic Thread. These are exactly the same threads. Some of the threads you receive may be labelled Jenny Haskins.

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Pewter #G1 800M $15.95
Light Gold #G2 800M $15.95
3000M $59.95
True Gold #G3 3000M $59.95
Bright Gold #G26 800M $15.95
Silver #G27 3000M $59.95
Red #G28 800M $15.95
3000M $59.95
Green #G29 800M $15.95
3000M $59.95
Turquoise #G30 800M $15.95
Bronze #G31 800M $15.95
3000M $59.95
Royal Blue #G32 800M $15.95
Teal #G33 800M $15.95
Blue #G34 800M $15.95
Light Green #G35 800M $15.95
Mauve #G36 800M $15.95
Medium Pink #G37 800M $15.95
Sea Foam #G38 800M $15.95
Purple #G41 800M $15.95
Black #G42 800M $15.95
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