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Floriani 40wt Cotton Quilting Thread
For years Floriani has brought you the most beautiful, luxurious threads to embellish, embroider and create with. And now Floriani introduces to you their superior quality cotton-machine-quilting thread. This American made spun cotton is 3 ply, 40 weight and is available on convenient 500 yard spools and 3000yd cones.
Floriani 40wt Cotton Quilting Thread
Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Black #CS900 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
White #CS800 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Natural #CS001 500yd $7.50
Ecru #CS002 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Light Brown #CS003 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Green #CS010 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Grey #CS011 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Slate Blue #CS014 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Navy #CS015 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Red #CS021 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Wine #CS022 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Sky Blue #CS028 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Taupe #CS029 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Charcoal #CS030 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
Pink #CS032 500yd $7.50
3000yd $19.95
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