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Embellish Matte 40wt Polyester Thread

Embellish Matte 40wt Polyester ThreadInspired by Hope Yoder, Embellish Matte Thread is a new line of 1000 meter spool Polyester Thread with a Matte Finish! The raw yarn of this matte thread is made with a ceramic ingredient, giving this 40 wt thread beautifully contrasting effects when compared to normal polyester, while keeping the same high tensile strength. This allows you to bring new life to old poly designs, without having to change your digitizing settings!

More colors coming very soon, eventually there will be over 130!

Scroll to see all of our available colors!
Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Strawberry #1029 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Fire Engine Red #1030 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Emerald #2009 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Stormy Night #3011 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Morning Fog #3019 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Wolf Gray #3020 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Smoke #3021 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Granite #4008 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Dolphin #4017 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Pewter #4019 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Cloud Gray #4020 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Dove Gray #4021 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Lava Stone #4022 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Ash Gray #4023 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Gravel #4025 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Elephant Gray #4026 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Sterling #4031 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Argent Gray #4032 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Evening Shadow #4034 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Sandstone #4035 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Warm Gray #4036 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Slate Gray #4038 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Moonstruck #7026 1000m/1100yd $4.90
Brilliant White #8003 1000m/1100yd $4.90
EMT2006 1000m/1100yd $4.90
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