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Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh

Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh

Name SizeCostQuantity
ESRM-12 12in x 10yd 12in x 10yd $54.99
ESRM-15 15in x 10yd 15in x 10yd $60.49
ESRM-20 20in x 10yd 20in x 10yd $80.99

Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh is for use with machine embroidery on items too small to be hooped or with fabrics that can be damaged during the hooping process resulting in hoop-burns.

Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh completely washes away leaving only stitches on the back.It’s a great stabilizer for supporting embroidery on delicate and sheer fabrics such as netting, organdy, organza, batiste and voile. The added adhesive prevents the fabric from shifting while embroidering, resulting in perfect outline stitches. Unlike other water-soluble stabilizers, the mesh properties of this stabilizer are not prone to stretching from embroidering dense designs with heavy needle penetration. In most cases, one layer is all that is needed. Also available in a non-sticky version.

To Use Embellish Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh:

  1. Place one layer of the stabilizer in your embroidery hoop, paper side up.
  2. Score the release paper with a pin or needle and peel back to expose the sticky surface of the stabilizer.
  3. Stick the garment or item to be embroidered in place and smooth out any wrinkles.
  4. Embroider the design. *Tip - Use a slow machine speed of 600 stitches per minute or less.
  5. Remove the garment or item from the hoop. Pull back and trim away as much of the stabilizer as possible.
  6. Rinse away the remaining stabilizer using room temperature water. .
*Tip - It is necessary to use “soft” water to get optimal rinse results with this product. If your water is hard or has high mineral deposits it may be necessary to add a water softener such as bath beads, hair conditioner or fabric softener to the soak while rinsing your garment.
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