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Embellish Sticky Printable Template

Embellish Sticky Printable Template

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ESPT-811 8.5in x 11in 8.5in x 11in $21.95 Sold Out

Embellish Sticky Printable Template is for the use of aligning a single design or multiple designs on your garment or fabric. Feeds through your home printer with ease, allowing you to print the exact image for perfect placement.

Embellish Sticky Printable Template is sheer enough to see the background fabric through the paper so designs can be easily and accurately positioned! Use for positioning embroidery designs on any surface such as quilts, jackets collars, lapels, shirts and ready-made blanks!

To Use:

  1. Load one sheet of Embellish Sticky Printable Template in your ink jet printer’s paper tray.
  2. Open a design in your embroidery software program, select the print feature adding cross-hairs for centering and make sure to print at 100% actual size. Print the design template from your embroidery software.
  3. Trim Embellish Sticky Printable Template, if desired, to the outer perimeter of the printed design.
  4. Peel back the release paper to expose the sticky surface of the template.
  5. Stick the trimmed template to the fabric surface in the desired position, re-position if needed.
**Follow the directions below for hooping your fabric.

  1. Lay the inner part of the embroidery frame on the surface of the item to be embroidered. (The Embellish Sticky Printable Template will be inside the frame stuck to the garment.)
  2. Align the centering marks on the hoop with the printed cross hairs on the Embellish Sticky Printable Template as closely as possible.
  3. Slide the outer frame under the garment or fabric and hoop the item. *Tip - Use a few pieces RNK Stitch Perfection Tape on the underside of your inner embroidery frame to keep it from shifting while you hoop!
  4. Lower the needle by turning the hand-wheel of your machine to make sure the design is aligned in the center. Use the machines centering feature to move the design until the needle drops in the center of the printed Template’s cross hair lines.
  5. Remove Embellish Sticky Printable Template from the surface of the garment and embroider!
Align the printed cross-hairs with the centering marks on your top hoop. Add a piece of stabilizer under your fabric and hoop all three layers. Move the frame so the needle is centered over the printed cross-hairs. Gently remove the Embellish™ Sticky Printable Template and store on the release paper to use again.
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