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Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper

Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper

Name SizeCostQuantity
EICT-10 10in x 10yd 10in x 10yd $12.99
EICT-15 15in x 10yd 15in x 10yd $14.99

Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper is for use on the top or bottom surface of high pile fabrics such as burlap, towels, terry cloth, fleece, velvet, and textured fabric. When used as a topper for machine embroidery, the stabilizer keeps embroidery stitches elevated above the fabric fiber and prevents the design from separating due to inconsistent fabric texture. The stabilizer stays embedded under the thread and prevents fabric from poking through even after multiple washings. Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper can be used underneath decorative stitches and is perfect support for heirloom techniques and wing-needle work.

Hoop with delicate “dry-cleanable” fabrics such as silk when embroidering open-airy low-stich count embroidery designs.

Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper is removed with the touch of a low temperature iron making it ideal for fabrics that cannot tolerate water removal such as silk, velvet or suede.

To use as a topping:

  1. Place one piece of Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper on the surface of the hooped item, bumpy side touching the fabric, and secure the outer corners with tape to prevent movement.
  2. Complete the embroidery design.
  3. Tear away as much Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper as possible from around the design.
  4. Use the tip of an iron to remove any remaining topping. The tip of the iron must come in direct contact with the topping in order to remove it. Be sure the iron temp is set at medium to low. *Caution – using a high setting on the iron will cause the topping to liquefy and melt into the design. Test on a scrap piece of fabric to find the ideal iron temperature.
*To clean your iron of any residue, heat the iron up to its highest temperature and move the irons surface back and forth over a wet towel firmly. Iron cleaners work as well.
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