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DMC Variations 6 Strand Size 25 Floss

DMC Variations 6 Strand Size 25 FlossDMC Color Variations can be used by stitchers of all skill levels and with all embroidery techniques.

DMC Color Variations is a stunning multi-colored thread that allows you to create a subtly colorful piece without ever having to change thread. It has been double mercerized for a gorgeous sheen.

This beautiful thread is made up of six size 25 easily separated strands, which allows you to customize the thickness of the thread by choosing the number of strands. It's made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, is fade resistant and has guaranteed color consistency from one skein to the next.

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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Expresso #4000 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Tropical Waters #4020 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Caribbean Bay #4025 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Monet's Garden #4030 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Water Lilies #4040 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Very Merry #4042 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Evergreen Forest #4045 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Roaming Pastures #4050 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Amazon Moss #4066 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Buttercup #4073 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Wheat Fields #4075 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Daffodil Fields #4080 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Cupcake #4095 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Summer Breeze #4100 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Sunrise #4110 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Tropical Sunset #4120 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Bonfire #4124 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Desert Canyon #4126 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Peanut Brittle #4129 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Chilean Sunset #4130 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Terra Cotta #4135 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Driftwood #4140 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Sand Dune #4145 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Desert Sand #4150 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Glistening Pearl #4160 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Ocean Coral #4190 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Wild Fire #4200 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Radiant Ruby #4210 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Northern Lights #4215 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Lavender Fields #4220 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Crystal Water #4230 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Arctic Sea #4235 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Mid Summer Night #4240 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Enchanted #4260 8.7yd Skein $1.35
Purple Pansy #4265 8.7yd Skein $1.35
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