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Superior 40wt Rainbows Variegated Thread width=184 height=184

Superior 40wt Rainbows Variegated Thread Western Sunset #812

Rainbows Thread is variegated at an amazing one inch color interval and created from Nature’s pallet. Superior Threads has created over 50 rainbow color combinations for use in your embroidery, quilting, or decorative stitching. Manufactured from 40wt trilobal polyester thread.
Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Western Sunset #812 2000yd $19.50
Tapestry #813 2000yd $19.50
Mardi Gras #816 2000yd $19.50
Panache #828 2000yd $19.50
All Spice #829 500yd $7.75
Tuscany #834 500yd $7.75
Mango Mango #840 2000yd $19.50
Neons #841 2000yd $19.50
Bry Delightful #845 500yd $7.75
Safari #846 2000yd $19.50
Treasure Chest #850 2000yd $19.50
Midas Touch #851 2000yd $19.50
Savanna #861 2000yd $19.50
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