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OESD BadgeMaster Washaway Backing

OESD BadgeMaster Washaway Backing
Name SizeCostQuantity
OESD Badgemaster Topping Wash-Away Opaque 12in x 8yd $36.95
OESD Badgemaster Topping Wash-Away Opaque 12in x 3yd $9.95 Sold Out
Triple the weight of AquaFilm Backing, use Badgemaster Backing to create stand-alone lace or embroidered items in which only the thread will remain. A great stabilizer for sewing on sheer, lightweight and fine fabrics when all traces of stabilizer must be removed from fabrics. Washes away easily with lukewarm water. To give a stiff effect to stand-alone lace, rinse briefly so that some of the stabilizer remains. For a softer effect, allow to soak for a longer period of time.
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