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Thread Sets
Mettler Thread Sets

Mettler Thread Collections

Mettler has created great collections from their Metrosene, Polysheen, and other thread lines.

Mettler does a great job of selecting the best color combinations and then putting them together in a variety of popular sizes.

Mettler Thread Sets
Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Mettler 8 Spool Polysheen Multi Ombre Pastels PS81 8 220 yard spools $32.95
Mettler Polysheen Christmas Collection XMAS8-KIT 4 220yd spools Polysheen and 4 109yd Metallic $32.95
Mettler Metrosene Thread 40 Spool Set ORG1161 40 100 meter spools $119.95
Mettler Threads 40 Spool Poly Sheen Thread Set ORG105 40 164 yard spools $126.95